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Authentic Flow Tribe


Helene grew up in the Danish countryside near a forest, and has always connected deeply to the elements; colours, patterns and movements between natural shapes inspired her from a young age. She attended a Waldorf school and later worked with theater, painting and various forms of performance arts. 

She developed an interest in yoga through her travels, but it was not before she met Satu Tuomela, her teacher and the founder of Authentic Flow Tribe and began to study with her, that she could start to bring the different directions of her life together, and express what had always been so real and alive inside of her. 

Helene has studied with Satu in Bali, Portugal and The Philippines, and became an Embodied Yin Yoga teacher with Satu and Dr Scott Lyons in Stockholm.

She is continuously deepening her own practice and educating herself, and has recently taken a course in Women’s Self Care with Emily Kuser.

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